Chickens and Guineas -Oh My!

Our first foray into live-stocking has been interesting to say the least. Maybe these will replace our kids and help with the empty nest thing. D.J. keeps saying they just are birds, and not to put human emotions on them. We named all but the Easter Eggers the first week!

David our youngest of two is in Europe right now frolicking in the French Alps.  When I say frolicking, who knows what he is up to, as all we get from him is 1 and 2 syllable words and very infrequently at that. He is over there with a BF since kindergarten and for graduation the BF’s dad said he could take someone to Europe. Well we get pix from the BF’s mom (thank goodness) and it does seem he is enjoying himself. This trip is the pre-separation as he will be attending Radford in the fall, which is a good thing and he needs to go, but for  us, it is a change. And, I am not complaining, but he could send us a note once in a while.

Rachel got engaged this February. She is 19…..yes 19!  We are hoping for an incredibly long engagement. She is still living with us, but kinda part-time, if you will. She schedules in her time with us, and is a dear about it, but it is only a matter of time.

And so we have Max (the German Shepherd)  12 hens and 2 guineas -which actually turned into 10 hens and 2 roosters and a male and female guinea. You don’t believe when you bring the little sweet chicks home that you might be raising a rooster. Apparently there is a 90-95% chance the chicks will be hens, as there is no science other than blood testing for chicks. When Salt started hopping on one of the hens backs and crowing a sweet but unrefined cock-a doodle-do, we new the truth. Fergie was next; we always thought there was a chance as they we so much bigger than the girls, but wow. From the beginning Fergie and Salt were D.J.’s faves. Must be a guy thing. He somehow knew. They say you cant tell a rooster from a hen until they are close to 4 months old. He knew!






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